North Clarendon

Clarendon is a unique rural town with much of the oldest history for the county. Except for Town Hall, the Red Brick Church, the Grange, some buildings have been neglected and will slowly disappear unless some efforts are made to maintain them. We are currently working on the Chapel. Read

In the past, North Clarendon offered most of the commercial activities: A post office, a Grange, school, chapel, Inn, tea house. With grants and private support, it could bring back a modest yet interesting historic village district for the Town Clarendon.

Efforts that would be beneficial:

  • Village Designation
    • Village Designation offer tax credits and many incentives. Read
  • National Recognition
    • Obtaining the National Historical Registry for the North Clarendon Chapel (Chapel 1871) will pave the way to more community efforts.

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Photo Credit: Peter Huntoon

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