Arched Stained Windows


Overall Condition

All of the windows noted above require significant restoration work. This will require labelling and carefully removing all sash to a workshop for bench repairs. Many panes of colored glass are either damaged or missing entirely.



Window Condition Assessment made by Jackson Evans in June of  2019


General Description

The sash windows in the main sanctuary at the North Clarendon Chapel are comprised of eight (8) arched top double hung sash wood frames in a Queen Anne style. The upper glazed arch on the top sash displays four glass panes of colored glass arranged in an array and supported visually by two stacked colored glass panes below surrounding a large central clear or frosted pane. The bottom sash displays 10 small colored panes surrounding a large central pane on the sides and bottom. The rear addition to the sanctuary contains two (2) six-over-six double hung wood sash windows with clear glass.


Tom Keefe, Architect