North Clarendon

Clarendon is a unique rural town with much of the oldest history for the county. Most of it has been neglected and is disappearing slowly.

In the past, North Clarendon offered the most activities: A post office, a Grange, school, chapel, Inn, tea house. With  grants and tax support, it could bring back a modest yet interesting historic village district for the Town Clarendon.

Stafford has received a similar Village Designation.” The classic Vermont village of our imagination – the church with a steeple, the smell of a freshly mowed town green flanked by mature maples and stone walls; a babbling brook, a nearby historic general store, post office, and an assortment of authentic historic homes – exists today in Strafford, Vermont.”  

Obtaining the National Historical Registry for the North Clarendon Chapel (Chapel 1871) will hopefully pave the way to more community efforts.

Clarendon Springs has received a Village Designation, and North Clarendon would also be an ideal location for a Village Designation and the Agency of Community Development is encouraging the town to apply for the designation.

Village Designation Background

The Village Designation program supports the revitalization efforts of small and medium-sized historic centers. The designation brings financial incentives, training and technical assistance needed to attract vitality to Vermont’s smaller communities.

The program was initiated by the Agency of Community Development.


Any Vermont town, city (except Burlington), incorporated village chartered to function as a general purpose unit of local government, or a consortium of such entities, is eligible for funding. However, the majority of projects are a coordinated effort between the municipalities, community groups and local or state non-profit organizations or small businesses.

Grant Types



Village Designation Program Guidelines

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