Repairs – Progress Report


During the fall of 2019, the back roof will be replaced,  purple slate roof minor repairs and steeple evaluation. Thanks to donations from Willard Squier, Fundraisers of Friends of the North Clarendon Chapel and a matching grant by Corpwell Foundation.


Due to lack of funding at this time, a plan for stabilization of paint is underway:

Architect recommendation:

“if funding is not obtained paint stabilizer could be applied: this would consist of a small amount of prep (basic wire-brushing to remove loose paint) and application of a latex primer on all bare wood, to hold it for a year or two until full painting can be done.

A Grant will pay for materials, Clayton Rockwell is planning to head volunteer efforts.

Preservation BriefExterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork by Kay D. Weeks and David W. Look, U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service Cultural Resources Heritage Preservation Services

Plans for coming years

State Historic Grant application for window repairs


Chapel’s Arched Stained Window details



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